APCI is a trade association that is born with a view to aggregation and service, to constitute the added value for the Italian kitchen professional who wants to find an environment in which to recognize himself, emerge, share his experience and find new ideas for growth and comparison.

In a short time they opened a service shop dedicated to the Horeca sector that very soon became a company, here the first projects, the first ideas, the study of the reference market, in a sector that had much to offer and that was all to be discovered.

Their entrepreneurial minds and their intuitions lead them to always follow new goals, so they decide to take a new road and realize that dream that they had been growing for some time.


The School of La Cucina Italiana, founded in 1987, was the first open in Milan and is located at the headquarters of Condé Nast Italia, located in Piazzale Cadorna in Milan. In his DNA all the experience and prestige of La Cucina Italiana magazine, developing, however, over the years a rich and extremely diversified personality.

Today it is the reference place for enthusiasts and companies, where it is possible to participate in courses, events, conferences, in-depth open-days, dinners, show cooking and team building. The values ​​that move his work are the love for good food, care and attention for those who choose them.

He always works to transform the experience into a path of growth, fueling the passion for quality cuisine and contributing to the promotion of a better and careful communication of the Italian food and wine culture. In 2019 the school reached 8,000 participants including courses and events.